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Community Center Initiative

Before building a house, you must build
a solid foundation.

At the Center of every community lies its heart – it’s citizens.  That’s why the McCandless Community Association is working hard to hold programs that bring the community together and will be the future foundation for what we want to build — A Community Center.

We are working to provide the community with opportunities to grow and strengthen together by holding events that allow us meet and know one another. It is only then that we can come together as one.  Relationships are the building blocks for every community.and ultimately become a means for achieving goals.  The goal is lofty – raising enough money through grants, sponsorships and donations to build the heart of the community.

That’s why we are hosting local events.  We are building the solid foundation.  Once we have built and fostered those relationship, we can move forward with our plans. Patience is the key.

We envision a place that can be self-sustaining, without the assistance of tax dollars or Township monies. Our philosophy is simple – self reliance.  

Nobody wants to pay higher taxes.  That’s why we believe in self-reliance and seeking donors and grants to build a self-sustaining area where our citizens can go for recreational activities. 

Keep watching our page for updates.  If you want to get involved, please contact us at (412) 667-9801 or info@mccandlesscommunityassociation.org.